Good Vibes _The music of Brett j. Price

Mar 29

The couch of Brotherly love

This is a track that has been “collecting dust” on my hard drive. I figured I should just share it now.

Nov 04

Grey Rain

A little Improv I recorded today…… (It’s quite a gloomy one) Hope it makes you feel all alone and sad……..JK

Sep 24

I’m a little teapot

Ahhhh the joys of sight reading childrens piano books …

Aug 09

Better Things

Ruth and I.

May 07

I miss you. People need to hear this track :)

Time Spent (A little track inspired by Modest Mouse. John Tinker was the brains, I was the producer and This amazing man you see above you JOSHUA WEAVER is 97% of the remainder)

Jan 24

Gordian Knot

Mull it ova.

Jan 23

Information Goddess finished

I just edited Information Goddess the first song I posted to this blog.I’m happy with the results. A little bit of brain food over a beat basically.

Jan 23

Her Pain

The first track I was brave enough to sing on.

Jan 22

Mobster and Brett J. Price

The Past

I was privileged enough to work with this artist a couple years ago. His friends from Screenatorium are also very talented. More collaborations are in order.

Jan 21


I’m really enjoying this blog so far:) Aesthetically, it’s far more appealing to meĀ  than the ad strewn Myspace which I don’t have anymore much for that fact (No offense Myspacers it’s great for up and coming bands promotion wise.) One of the few reasons I started this blog was to receive feedback on tracks from my friends (strangers are just friends I haven’t met) but Unfortunately It doesn’t look like there is an easy way to comment on individual audio post so from now on I think I will have to create a chat post or text post to open up the dialogue. To my 2 Amy’s crew and all my DC friends I haven’t seen …I miss you:) I will try to see as many people as I can before Ruth(my woman) and I’s monstrous Peruvian sojourn.

Jan 21

I see who you are (Remix)

I feel this Remix is most definitely one of the best productions I’ve ever put together. The sounds come from many sources and the voice is one of a kind :)

Jan 20


This track is a space ride……..

Jan 19

Information Goddess

This is a finished version of INFORMATION GODDESS.

(Thx Mike Oldfield and Tom Campbell)